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Tinsel & Caviar

The limited jewellery edition „Tinsel & Caviar“ is made from extra long stringlike earrings.
A combination of a delicate sparcling silver chain and bohemian glass pearls („Rocailles“).
A matching bracelet-bis, consisting of a pair of two combined bracelets.


One bracelet made from bohemian glass pearls and one braided bracelet made from nobel cotton yarn. Doris Koefer remains true to her charming puristic and clear style, and once more transforms it into wonderful dreamlike understatement design. Simply jewellery poetry!

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Limited edition understatement jewelry.

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I am a designer by heart, a creator.

Dekappa is me.
The label’s name is composed of my name’s initial letters.
When you write them as you speak them aloud you get – with a phonetical adaption through mixing German and Italian – dekappa.

I worked and lived in Italy for a couple of years. My lable is based in Vienna and dekappa produces in Vienna. Why do I do that? I want Europe to be the best version of itself. So I have to be the best version of myself to support that. That means keeping the competences. For that everything is very local, and that’s wonderful!

What I do...
I mainly do jewellery design. I am a designer by heart, a creator. Mostly I design for my own label, dekappa. I am a manufacturer as well, for I also produce the pieces I design. I create jewellery because… creating jewellery is my way to express myself. Bringing my ideas from inside outside. I love delicate jewellery very much, for it is more tricky to find the perfect harmonic mix, or to create the ideal technical solution, and never the less staying me, staying unique. Beauty for me is… an attitude, your mind set.

Beauty comes from the very inside of you, of everyone and everything. For me it means to be in line with my inner self. I find beauty everywhere and in everything if I want to! Sometimes it can be difficult to disguise it, but it is there! Everything gets the meaning you are giving to it.

dekappa, Doris Koefer


If you need any information about the limited edition,
or the classic collection, just drop a line to
mail(@) and I'll get in contact with you!